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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  September 7, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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packed with people wanting a piece of the weekend action. the o's continue the playoff run and continue home stand against the bombers. maryland state trooper is still recovering after being hit by atro truer during a traffic stop? june. this is dash cam from trooper david's cruiser. see him speaking to a drive when a tractor trailer come by and sideswipes him. the parents of a towson student killed in a drunken hit and run accident say the thrive is taking a plea deal. the man was charged in the accident that led to the death of howard county native matthew chezwick. the suspect accepted the deal to charges of manslaughter and leafing the scene of an accident they that involves a death. who would have thought it 88 degrees. we should be in the 80s.
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90 winchester today. dulles 90. packs river about 85. humidity values, dew point numbers running and 70 degrees, making it feel like the 90s. 96 in inner harbor. frederick like 100 degrees. very, very toasty evening turning in to a warm and muggy overnight. one storm north of harford county that's dissipated much of the baltimore viewing area looking good. storms towards the west of maryland and oversouth central pennsylvania. the story is this storm system, parked over the ohio valley. this is going to be moving in to the area, late tomorrow afternoon, and in to tomorrow evening, notice the storms fired along this. we are anticipating severe weather, could be isolated tornados, we will talk about that in full detail coming up. a baltimore man faces 57 years behind bars after pleading guilty to his role in a series of armored car robberies that spanned two
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years. jeff hager has details about the crime spree were rewitnessed menty of robberies targeting armored cars before. 27 year old david howard and his accomplicesl0fpulled off five heists in howard and montgomery counties. >> we know the defendant and coconspirators were tracking the ├▒xpolice. they consider dangerous robberies, they were armed and stole weapons from the victims of the crime. this is a dangerous group. >> reporter: one, until investigators broke the case. robbers struck during a dunbar pick up at this giant food store in ellicott city, a few days after christmas back in 2010. wearing disguises and using throw away cars and used disposable telephones and represented out hotel room -- rented out hotel rooms in advance. >> the defendant admitted he stole in excess of half a
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million dollars, $555,000, over the course of the 5 robberies, much of it has not been recovered. >> howard produced $2000 worth of new $20 bills from his groin area. he later led authorities here to the edge of the forest park golf course where he buried 10,000 more in cash. >> people who commit the crimes, robbing, they need to understand this is one of the top priorities for federal law enforcement. you can anticipate you are going to be at the top of the list of the local police and fbi and other agencies. >> howard is scheduled for sentencing in u.s. district court november 20th including a 6th robbery he did not participate in. people living in howard county approved a name change
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op they street. the group is changing the name coon hunt court, a street in the oak land mills village of columbia to april wind court. the 6 households say the name created a disturbance in the community and caused the street sign to be stolen multiple times. if you notice flags, they are there to honor the victim of the september 11th attack, a law enforcement group set up the flags on the road around parkville high school, there are a total of 2977 of them. this tuesday will be the 11th anniversary of those attacks. there is nothing like the start of a new football season. everybody think s their team has a shot at the super bowl. a caravan of ravens vans is already starting to celebrate. roosevelt leftwich has more and wishes he was with them. >> i sure do.
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after a devastating loss in last year's championship game, ravens fans can't wait to start this 2012 season and while most of the league plays sunday the ravens fans will have to wait longer, finally opening the season monday night. a caravan of fans cheerleaders, mascots, band leaders and that guy are showing team spirit already, part of the team's count down to kick off. >> the girls were telling me running out on a regular season game, even so monday night, it's going to be crazy running out in the stadium , the fans are on their feet the entire time and cheering throughout the whole game. >> grab your ravens gear and head out. there are stops including white marsh, harbor east, glen burnie. the celebrations will last until tonight, stops in
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multiple bars downtown. kickoff is at 7:00. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. even the dog looked cool. when you have multiple kids that look alike, things get a little confusing. to tell them apart, a woman got out a razor to make the difference. this mom was so excited to put her kids on the bus. she was dancing. whether or not she embarrassed her two sons, coming up.
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phoenix arizona was in the direct path of a 200 football of dust. the dust storm rolled in thursday evening as rush hour was getting underway. the wall blanketed highways at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. drivers were warned to pull over. the storm is expected to bring showers and thunderstorms throughout the weekend. it could be hard to tell your kids apart if you are a mom of multiples. one mom resorted to drastic measures. she shaved numbers in to the heads of her quadruplet boys so they could be identified in school. the boys go to the same school and the dro says they are so similar in the look, manner and voices that you cannot tell them apart.
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this massachusetts mom was happy to send her kids back to school. she recorded herself busting to move at the bus stop. you go, girl. >> bye-bye, go to school. yep, mommy needs her time. [music] >> i love it. the most unbelievable part is that her two sons, the boys ages 9 and 11, they say they weren't embarrassed. how in the world is that possible? she must be the coolest mom ever. we saw him partys in vegas, now she headed to afghanistan. will prince harry see combat? the democratic national convention wrapped up last night. how the campaigns are refocusing now that the conventions are over.
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his goal is to serve his country, plins prince harry will do that in afghanistan. he is assigned a four month tour. he will be in the thick of things fly an apache helicopter. >> reporter: it's as far away from pomp and palaces as he can get. he arrived a ordinary soldier. we couldn't report on it until it landed. >> he will be in a difficult and demanding job and i ask he be left to get along with his dutys and delivering support to the coalition support. >> reporter: means flying, trading in the theaters of london for the theater of war, a mission taking him to the front line. >> my goal is to serve my country. >> reporter: now he is getting his wish, and a much needed chance to duck out of the spotlight.
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for earlier this week, the prince made his first public appearance after the celebrity website, tmz posted these racy photos of the prince at a late night party in las vegas. >> memories are very short. it's harry the hero, not playboy prince. >> reporter: the wild night out might have earned him a lesion of fans, a group called support prince harry with the naked salute has 30,000 members including british troops posing strategically. this is prince harry's second deployment to afghanistan, his first back in 2007 was cut short when it was leaked on the internet. this time officials are announcing his visit saying only that they will be monitoring his safety, very closely. last night was the annual mtv video awards in los angeles. this year's event was tame, everybody was on their best
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behave. rihanna started off the show before capping it off by winning the top honor, video of the year. also in the spotlight, was boy band, one direction, best new artist, much, much better, taylor swift performed green day. now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> one direction? >> one. >> one direction. here is what is going on outside the super studios. beautiful afternoon, sunshine and clouds, mixture, our temperatures got in to the 80s in towson this afternoon. look at the beaches, beach packed. beautiful sunrise, the sunset, temperatures in to the 70s this afternoon. we will look at baltimore city, dealing with a nice looking skyline at the present hour. we are noticing temperatures in to the 80s. we should be 82 this time of theee.
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86 degrees, 61% humidity. the dew points are high at 71. the south, southeast wind at just about 9. 86 in town. frederick 93 degrees. a mild evening heading in to tonight, call ate mild overnight, dew point values around 71, combine the temperature and the dew point, you get 90s. feels like 100 in frederick. summer holding on through this september month. noticed the storms bubbling up knot of the state. more storms towards the west. we will stay dry through the course of the overnight. 81 goes to 74 as we ned to the overnight hours. 70 to start your afternoon, or day tomorrow. temperatures will get in to the 80s, a lot of humidity and big storms on the way. you notice the leading edge of the storms working through pittsburgh, severe thunderstorm watches for youngs town, through the ohio valley. this will die as it pushes towards the east. we will watch another severe weather developing over the
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midwest. the storm prediction center is monitoring this event along with the national weather vis. they've put northern maryland in a moderate risk for severe weather too many , the risk for the state, any storm could bring down high winds, hail, lightning and enough twist to produce isolated tornado. all day long, we will be here. keep it locked on channel 2 as conditions could deteriorate. 70 for tonight. look at the forecast highs tomorrow in to the 80s. humidity, here comes the line of storms developing over western maryland around 6:00, pushes through the city limits in time for game time. it will push over the eastern shore tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow night. 66 for tonight. partly cloudy, it's going be muggy, as we head in to tomorrow, 86. around 1:00 or 2:00, keep an eye on the western skies, strong to severe storms push in from the west. your seven-day forecast looks
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like this. 76 on sunday, beautiful blend of sunshine, clouds. monday low humidity, 78 degrees. calling it cooler for tuesday. 77. draw your attention to the bottom position of the screen. op tuesday night, 51, 40s north of town. feels like hundred in frederick. feels 48 for overnight lows by tuesday. >> i love it. >> i'm not ready. >> 100,000 degrees all summer. >> i know. we have to make the transition. i'm going to drag my way. there for tomorrow, you are expecting it will be stormiment not just a light shower. it's going to be dicey tomorrow. >> storms come through hauling through tomorrow, severe. the democratic national convention wrapped up on a high note with a speech from president obama. the campaigns shifted focus. emily schmidt is live. what is the reaction from the
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president's speech today? >> reporter: we saw the strong reaction with the party faithful inside the convention hall last night. another way to gain how gauge, is that the numb of tweets per minute when me was speaking last night, set a new twister record. republicans say look at today's new job numbers, they say the democrats are all talk. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> convention cheers rang out in charlotte. the latest jobs report numbers were sobering news. >> after the party last night , the hangover today. >> reporter: the labor market lost momentum adding 96,000 jobs, down from 141,000 in july, the unemployment rate fell, too, 8.1%. candidate, mitt romney, was quick to react at a rally in iowa. >> 95,000 i believe net new jobs created and almost 400,000 people dropped out of the work
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force all together. it's simply unmanageable. >> reporter: president obama and vice president joe biden gave their own interpretation of the numbers. >> after losing 800,000 jobs a month when i took office, business added jobs for the 30th month in a row. that's not good enough. we know it's not good enough. we need to create more jobs faster. >> reporter: one thing still appears to ring true from the speech. >> went you pick up the ballot to vote, it will be a choice between two different paths for america. >> reporter: perhaps two different paths but travel plans look awfully similar. today president obama started campaigning as you saw in new hampshire and left for iowa. mitt romney started in iowa and left for new hampshire. these are states we are usually talking about in the dead of winter with the caucuses and primaries. instead we are less than two months away from the election. proof positive that the battleground states are what
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going to matter. >> the romney campaign quick to jump on the speech. what did they have to say? >> reporter: when you say quick to jump. less than an hour after president obama left the stage , the romney camp said they are rolling out 15 new state specific ads targeting issues to 8 different states. see them there, they are all the battleground states, how much money are they pouring in to the project? romney camp spokesperson wouldn't say. but it's easy to tell all of this hard earned fundraising money that the camps have been working to amass, are going to be spending hard and heavy in the next few weeks. clint eastwood is making news. actor told a in your opinion, president obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the american people. the interview marks the first public statement he has made since his rambling speech at
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rnc. he said the campaign did not approve his speech, since he wasn't sure what he was going to say until he walked out on stage. he came up with the idea to talk to an empty chair at the last minute. new at 6:00, they lost their son to a hit and run crash. the man behind the wheel enter as guilty plea. the car on the left was filled up with
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race between president obama and mitt romney is far from over, new polls come out everyday hitting us know how they are doing. the most important factor could be cyber space. >> reporter: two partys two weeks, millions of posts, pins, blogs and tweets. the republican convention was active on at least ten social
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media platforms, facebook, twitter, insta gram, pinterest and more. the democrats, at least four. 4million blogs over four days. democrats topped 5 million on night two. among speakers, mitt my led his party with a peak of 14,289 tweets per minute as he wrapped up his acceptance. running mate ryan topped out around 67 hundred, hitting high notes with lines like this one. >> i hope out no a deal breaker, mitt, my play list starts at db. >> that didn't come close to the democratic star, michelle obama hit 22,000 tweet per minute. >> we got so much more to do. >> reporter: bill clinton did
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lot of talking. prompting lots of tweeting, spiking over 22,000 tweet per minute as he concluded his remass. the reason for the gap between the partys, a study from the internet and american life project may of incite, more democrats place importance on independent sice. . >> the battle for your holiday shopping buck is on already. look at amazon's latest attempt overto overthrow the ipad and the updated forecast on abc2 news at 6:00 which start right now.


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